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11.08.10   By Jay    

5 Benefits of a Copywriter

3. Great copywriters can help refine concepts and ideas

Ever have an idea on the tip of your brain but you can’t quite put it into words? Or maybe you have a design layout, but the concept is weak? Run it by a copywriter. Their ability to translate a concept or abstract idea into exacting words will give you clarity. This ability is also part of the powerful combination behind great copywriter/designer teams found in top agencies around the country.

4. Great copywriters create powerful metaphors

Metaphors are one of the best ways to translate complex ideas into compelling visuals, and a copywriter can help you and the designer define what that visual metaphor should be. They’ll help to seamlessly marry the visuals and copy for that ad or brochure, turning an “I don’t understand” into an “Oh! I get it!”

5. Great copywriters are always great communicators

This trait is often taken for granted. Copywriters are usually well read and can speak fluidly on a smorgasbord of topics. This is handy for good rhythm in boardroom meetings. I’ve witnessed junior copywriters keep up with seasoned executives, and command conference rooms full of finicky CEOs. They also know how to cut to the chase, giving your presentations more punch.

All in all, a copywriter is good person to have on your side. Consider hiring one for your next project. If you need help locating a great one, give me a call.

So your company is looking to rework the brand, create a brochure, website or ad. You’ve spent hours searching for the right designer, and you’ve got a good idea of the look you want. The quotes are approved and your team is on board. But wait! What about the copy? After all, what that well-designed brochure says is at least as important, if not more, than what it looks like.

Before bringing copywriting in-house, or lifting some text from the CEO’s latest powerpoint, consider hiring a copywriter. Crafting copy is more than stringing sentences together and putting punctuation in the right places. A great copywriter carries a unique set of skills that are a natural by-product of their trade.

I’ve worked with many talented wordsmiths. The good ones all share 5 distinct traits:

1. Great copywriters excel at organizing information

At face value, this seems like a given. But it goes beyond proper paragraph placement. A good copywriter can boil down complex information into easily-digestible segments. This is especially helpful in the technology or financial markets, where it’s easy to lose your audience with dry and lengthy copy.

A copywriter can provide insight on company structure, too. No, I’m not talking about re-orgs. I’m referring to your company’s brand structure. Corporate branding, when conceived internally, too often reflects the literal rank and file of departments and business segments. While this works for internal organization, it can result in a confusing external brand. With experience in organizing benefits and ideas, along with their keen ability to see the customer’s perspective, copywriters are the perfect advisors for brand structure issues. I rely on them heavily for this exact role.

2. Great copywriters can make benefits crystal clear

You’ve got a list of 10 benefits and copy that you’re ready to take to the streets? A talented copywriter can condense them into 2. And make them ooze with effectiveness. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen clients smile after their internal copy is retooled by a great copywriter.